Outdoor Adventures Curriculum & Course Accreditation

Outdoor Adventures Curriculum & Course Accreditation

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) Adventure/Outdoor Education course is found under physical education, Section 116.53.

The Outdoor Adventures (OA) curriculum covers all of the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) in Section 116.53. The TEA’s PEIMS Service ID is PE AOE 03830102. TEKS for middle school courses are found throughout Section 116.23-24. OA curriculum is aligned to the National Standards NPE K-12.1-7.

As a former OA instructor at Argyle High School, it was a rewarding experience when you heard your students say, “Your class is the greatest class I have ever taken.” Teaching OA for 10 years, I had the pleasure of seeing over 100 students catch their first fish and share numerous outdoor experiences.

The OA physical education class is not your traditional PE course. Instead of teaching PE with basketballs and tennis rackets, students use rods and reels, and bows and arrows. The Outdoor Adventures course is designed to change young people’s lives forever by exposing them to the many great opportunities of the outdoors.

The OA curriculum is completely revised and updated every three years, with the last revision completed in 2017. The new 2.0 Version includes: Scope and Sequence, Course Syllabus, Daily Lesson Plans and a Course Expenditure page.


The Outdoor Adventures course is an 18 week (one semester) or 36 week (two semester) course with daily lesson plans:

  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Angler Education
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Boater Education
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Hunter Education
  • National Archery in Schools Program
  • Orienteering and GPS - Basic Unit and Advanced High School Unit
  • Survival Skills - Short Unit and Long Unit
  • Camping
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Challenge Course
  • CPR/First Aid

Each lesson is aligned with the National Education Standards for Physical Education NPH.K-12.1-7 and Texas Essential Knowledge of Skills (TEKS) for the Texas Education Association’s Outdoor Adventures Education (116.53). Each daily lesson plan includes:

  • Student Objectives
  • Materials needed
  • Resources and web links
  • Pre-class materials
  • Class activities
  • Vocabulary
  • Lesson Assessments
  • Modifications
  • Enrichments
  • Physical Education component and journal writing prompts


Many of the daily lesson plans have additional worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, class activities and unit exams provided by the team of curriculum writers. In today’s accelerated curriculum, full of bench mark testing, TAKS tests and academic pressures, students need a fun class that will motivate them to stay in school and concentrate on their studies.
The OA course is a physical education credit at the high school level, but can be offered as an elective credit at the middle school level. Some schools are using the curriculum to supplement Wildlife Management courses in their Agriculture Science Department. A school district can successfully meet the unique needs of its students through the OA curriculum.

Feel free to contact Scot McClure for any curriculum questions: 465-805-2390 or email: Scot McClure.

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