OTF Memberships

The Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation offers three options of membership, starting with an OTF Youth Membership, OTF Sponsor Membership, and lastly, a Life Membership.  Holding a membership of any level supports OTF’s Mission to teach outdoor education and fund conservation of wildlife worldwide.  The foundation now proudly holds its Outdoor Adventures Program in hundreds of school, with a 500 school goal soon to be reached.  Incredibly, this will mean reaching over 50,000 students each year, due to the support and generosity of our members.

OTF Youth Members receive a logo decal sent in a welcome letter.  Youth Memberships offer the opportunity for youth to be introduced into supporting wildlife conservation, as well as helping spread knowledge of the outdoors through the OA education program to students all over the world.

OTF Sponsor Members receive a logo decal sent in a welcome letter, and the quarterly Times Afield Newsletters.

OTF’s newest membership, the Life Member, receives the benefits of a regular Sponsor Member, as well as an engraved, special-edition, two-knife set, and a lapel pin.  The one-time $1,500 fee secures you as a member for life with the foundation.  Moreover, a lifetime membership directly supports OA Students, by enabling the OA Program to grow enormously.  One Life Member impacts 100 OA Students, with $1,000 of the fee providing an entire OA Program at a school.  Become a Life Member today to change 100 lives each year, offering them a resource of experience, knowledge and guidance of wildlife, the outdoors, and lifetime skills.

Available Memberships

  • Life Member - $1,500.00 one time fee
  • OTF Sponsor - $50.00 annual membership fee
  • OTF Youth - $10.00 annual membership fee