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The Partnership Initiative Program is a 3 year partnership in which charitable foundations make an annual donation to the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation to fund a specific unit of our curriculum.

Current Partners

Bass Pro Shops & Cabela's Outdoor Fund

Bass Pro Shops & Cabela's Outdoor Fund generously funds OTF's Angling curriculum

We have partnered up with Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s Outdoor Fund to help fund angling curriculum and equipment for students all across the country. This provides OTF with $150,000 over 3 years, specifically for Outdoor Adventure schools purchasing the anglers unit. Thank you Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s for helping thousands of students get outdoors and learn about safe and fun fishing practices!

Round Up for the Outdoors | Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Fund

Safari Club International

Safari Club International generously funds OTF's Hunter Education curriculum

Safari Club International joined our Partnership Initiative Program to provide Outdoor Adventure schools with OTF’s Hunter Education curriculum. They are generously providing OTF with $75,000 over 3 years for Hunter Education curriculum and equipment. Thank you Safari Club International for teaching students how to hunt safely and ethically!

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Houston Safari Club

Houston Safari Club generously funds OTF's Shooting Sports curriculum

Houston Safari Club is providing OTF $45,000 over 3 years, to help supply Outdoor Adventure schools with equipment and curriculum for shooting sports. Many Outdoor Adventure students have discovered their talent in shooting sports thanks to Houston Safari Club’s generous partnership!


Outdoor Tomorrow Foundation has partnered with Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, Safari Club International, and Houston Safari Club within the Partnership Initiative Program.  Each organization has chosen a unit that closely aligns with their mission. Their contributions help supply curriculum and equipment to schools.

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Houston Safari Club